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The Best Chance for Success is Treating All Active Decay and Gum Disease

We will only diagnose what is necessary to achieve your optimum dental health. You mouth should respond to care in 2-3 weeks; if you need extra time, we have the best associates to help you. Sometimes a systemic problem — such as blood sugar imbalance, blood pressure fluctuation, or side effects from medication — is the cause of your dental pain.

"Healthy Teeth and Gums for a Lifetime"

Our goal is to eradicate your gum disease, not just bandage it. We refuse to cap or crown teeth unnecessarily; Dr. Gogan will employ diet analysis and nutrition consultation. Education is the key! Dr. Gogan will perform a comprehensive oral exam, take all the necessary x-rays and models to best diagnose your case. Dr. Gogan believes the best chance of solving your dental problems is accomplished by having a tailored, personalized, concierge approach by one dentist. It is as personal as it gets in the practice of dentistry, especially in the treatment of chronic tooth and gum problems.

If you have multiple problems or pain, Dr. Gogan will take the time necessary to perform the diagnostic work to understand your diagnosis before making a definite recommendation. You will get Dr. Gogan's 40 years of experience as a dentist in our practice in Los Angeles. If referrals for Endo Emergencies, Facial Surgery, Ortho Treatment or Oral Surgery are necessary, Dr. Gogan will employ his connections with local Los Angeles specialists. Dr. Gogan only refers to specialists he would want to treat himself.

"No More Dental Surprises!"

Our goal is to create a healthy mouth and to maintain a healthy, beautiful, strong smile. We will start with eliminating any immediate pain, swelling, or bleeding gums; next we will address any cracked or broken teeth.

A Strong, Healthy, Beautiful Smile Is Our Focus

We want you to be able to chew your food without pain and to feel comfortable with your bright, beautiful smile. Dr. Gogan has studied with the best cosmetic dentists, starting with Dr. Charles Pincus, the inventor of veneers.

We can give you a youthful smile again. Dr. Gogan represents the future of dentistry with the interplay of diet and nutrition with overall health and tooth function. Dr. Gogan will help prevent unnecessary recession of gum tissue and also loss of bone around your teeth.

We Treat You The Way You Want To Be Treated!

Whatever your complaint, we will address the chief complaint that day. We have an efficient, gentle approach — your comfort and care are always our concern.

We will tell you what your treatment options and fees are prior to any work.

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